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CST 17-620A Pocket Hand Level
CST 17-620A Pocket Hand Level, Aluminum
Our Price: $19.99

CST Pocket Hand Level, Aluminum, CST, Includes: Instruction Manual and Pocket Clip, For Preliminary Survey and Simple Distance Estimation
CST 06-816 Telescoping Leveling Rod Rectangular
CST 06-816C Telescoping Leveling Rod Rectangular, 16 ft L, Feet/8ths/100ths, Aluminum
Our Price: $64.99

Telescoping leveling rod with reliable and wear-resistant polycarbonate buttons that lock each section. Made of a light and durable aluminum alloy. The anodized sections are imprinted with weather resistant and corrosion resistant inks. Tight tolerances on extruded aluminum sections. Easy-to-read graduations and a special measuring scale on the backside permit users to read height at eye level.
CST 55-SLVP24ND Level Kit
CST 55-SLVP24ND Automatic Level Kit, 1/16 in, 300 ft
Our Price: $299.99

CST Automatic Level Kit, CST, 1/16 in Accuracy, 300 ft, NO 5/8-11 Tripod Screw, Includes: Lens Cover, Plumb Bob, Adjustment Tools, Tripod, 8 ft Grade Rod and 3-In-1 Tri-Case, 24X Magnification
Berger - Speed 54-200K Transit Level Kit
Berger - Speed 54-200K Transit Level Kit, 200 ft, 20X, 1/4 in at 75 ft Accuracy, Aluminum
Our Price: $419.99

Berger - Speed Transit Level Kit, Aluminum, Berger - Speed, 200 ft Working, 20X Magnification, 1/4 in at 75 ft Accuracy, 4-1/2 ft Minimum Focus, High Precision Glass Level Vial, Number of Leveling Screws: 3, 1/2-20 Mounting Thread, Electrostatic Powder Coated, Yellow