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Malco CB Replacement Cutter Bit
Malco CB Replacement Cutter Bit, For Use With Cutter, 6-1/2 in Length, 1/4 in Diameter Shank
Our Price: $17.99

Malco Cutter Bit, Replacement, Steel, Malco, Suitable For Use With: HC1 and HC2 Cutter, 6-1/2 in Length, 1/4 in Diameter Shank, Gold, For Variety of Metal Work more info
Malco 18F Fixed Folding Tool
Malco 18F Fixed Folding Tool, Steel
Our Price: $29.99

Malco Folding Tool, Fixed, Steel, Malco, 18 in Overall Length, 3/8 in, 1 in Overall Depth more info
Wiss WC5S 5-Blade Hand Crimper
Wiss WC5S 5-Blade Hand Crimper, 1-1/4 in W X 1-1/4 in D Jaw, Cushion Grip
Our Price: $29.99

Wiss Hand Crimper, 5-Blade, Forged Steel, Wiss, 1-1/4 in Jaw Width, 1-1/4 in Jaw, Cushion Grip Handle, Gray Handle, 9-1/4 in Overall Length, For Joins Corrugated, 22 Gauge Round or Square Sheet Metal Pipes of the Same Size more info
Wiss WS3 HVAC Hand Seamer
Wiss WS3 HVAC Hand Seamer, 3 in W X 1-1/4 in D Jaw, 8-3/4 in OAL, Forged Steel
Our Price: $37.99

Wiss HVAC Hand Seamer, Steel, Wiss, 18 ga Mild Steel Metal Gauge Capacity, 3 in Jaw Width, 1-1/4 in Jaw, Forged Steel Jaw, 1/4 in Increments Graduation, Cushion Grip Handle, Steel Handle, Gray Handle, 8-3/4 in Overall Length, Matte, Black, Used to Produce a Permanent Tight Fitting Seam in 18 ga Sheet Metal more info
Redline S9R Hand Seamer
Redline S9R Hand Seamer, 9 in W X 2 in D Jaw, Die-Cast Zinc
Our Price: $64.99

Redline Hand Seamer, Steel, Redline, 0.035 in Aluminum Metal Gauge Capacity, 9 in Jaw Width, 2 in Jaw, Die-Cast Zinc Jaw, 1/4 in Increments Graduation, Soft-Touch With Non-Slip Handle Insert Handle, Steel Handle, Red/Black Handle, Nickel Plated, For Making Angle Bends for Aluminum Roof Flashing, Coil Stock or Fascia more info
Malco HC1 Hole Cutter
Malco HC1 Hole Cutter, 2 - 12 in Dia X 20 ga Galvanized Steel T Cutting, Aluminum Frame
Our Price: $77.99

Malco Hole Cutter, Standard, Aluminum Frame, Malco, 2 - 12 in Cutting Diameter, 20 ga Galvanized Steel Cutting Thickness, Applicable Materials: Sheet Metal more info