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Arrow PT50 Pneumatic Staple Gun
Arrow PT50 Pneumatic Staple Gun, 1/4 - 9/16 in, 20 ga, 100 Staple
Our Price: $32.99

Lightweight, compact design provides versatility and the precision necessary for both construction and home repair projects; features a sturdy blow-molded case, replacement oil and 2 hex wrenches for easy tool maintenance and storage; adjustable exhaust cover directs air away from user; easy-load magazine for quick loading; bump fire capability for fast firing; maximum pressure: 120psi. more info
Surebonder 9600 Pneumatic Stapler
Surebonder 9600 Heavy Duty Pneumatic Stapler, 1/4 - 9/16 in, 18 ga, 100 Staple
Our Price: $37.99

Safety Mechanism prevents accidental firing. Quick release magazine for easy loading. Adjustable air exhaust, stapler viewer. Specs: 100 staples capacity, 60 to 100 PSI,  H-8.9" x L-8.1" x W-2.2". Tool Weight: 2.9 lbs. Fastener Specifications: Drives 1/4" thru 9/16" Surebonder No.4 Heavy-Duty Staples (same as Arrow T50), 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 9/16" Staple Lengths.  Includes: High-Impact Carrying Case. more info
Hitachi N3804AB3 Lightweight Air Finish Stapler
Hitachi N3804AB3 Lightweight Air Finish Stapler, 1-1/2 in, 18 ga, 125 Staple
Our Price: $92.99

New selective actuation switch lets the user easily select bump fire or sequential fire modes. Lightweight and compact with 360 degree adjustable exhaust and elastomer grip. Tool-less, easy-to-clear nose and depth of drive. Specs: Weight: 2.2lbs.; Size: 10-11/32" L x 9-1/8" H x 2-3/8W; Air pressure (PSI): 70-120; Magazine Type: Steel; Nail Loading Type: Top; Firing Mode: Single-Contact-Selector; No Mar Tip: Yes; Depth Adjustment: Yes; Adjustable Exhaust Port: Yes; Jam Clearing: Yes; Oil-Free: No; Rubber Grip: Yes. Fastener Specifications: Nail Range- 1/2" - 1-1/2"; Staple Capacity: 125. Includes: Safety Glasses; Case; No-Mar Tipx2. more info
Senco 1W0021N Pneumatic Stapler Kit
Senco 1W0021N Pneumatic Stapler Kit, 1-5/8 in, 18 ga, 110 Staple
Our Price: $119.99

Selectable trigger controls. Magnesium body with oil free motor eliminates oil carry over onto the work surface, metal cylinder for increased durability. Rotatable rear exhaust and belt hook. Specs: Height: 9.5"; Length: 10.25"; Weight: 2.6 lb; Reg. Operating Pressure: 70-120 psig (4.8-8.3 bar); Mode of Operation: Contact or Sequential Actuation. Fastener Specifications: 18 Gauge, 1/4" Crown, accepts 3/8"-1-1/2" length staples. Includes: Case, swivel air plug and wrench. more info
Our Price: $119.99

Long life maintenance-free motor helps to keep from staining the work surface. Selectable trigger sequential or contact actuation. Top load magazine. Rear exhaust to keep contaminates away from work. Tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment from proper setting of staples. Low staple lockout alerts when to reload. 70-120 psi. Tool weighs only 3 lbs. more info
Stanley SX1838K Finish Stapler Kit
Stanley SX1838K Finish Stapler Kit, 1/2 - 1-1/2 in, 18 ga, 100 Staple
Our Price: $129.99

Lightweight magnesium, low nail lockout, 'Dial-A-Depth' control, and reversible belt hook with integrated pencil sharpener. Oil-free operation requires no regular maintenance. Selectable trigger system converts from sequential to contact operation. Swivel air fitting with internal filter. Ultra-quiet rear exhaust with muffler. Specs: Magazine Capacity 100 Staples; Weight: 3 lbs; Driving Power: 160 in-lbs. Fastener Specifications: 18GA SX Narrow Crown Finish Staples (1/2" to 1-1/2"). Includes: Finish Stapler; 1/4" Swivel Fitting; (1,000) 1" Finish Staples; Carrying Case; Hex Wrench & Belt Hook. more info
Senco 3L0003N Construction Stapler
Senco 3L0003N Construction Stapler, 2 in, 16 ga, 160 Staple
Our Price: $199.99

Aluminum housing. Over-mold comfort grip. Easy Clear Jam Clearing with 360 degree adjustable exhaust. Tool oil required. Specs: Height: 10 3/4"; Length: 15"; Weight: 4.6 lb. (2.09 kg). Mode of Operation: Contact Actuation. Fastener Specifications: Drives 16 GA, 7/16" Crown Staples from 1" to 2" Length. more info
Stanley LHF2025K Flooring Stapler
Stanley LHF2025K Flooring Stapler, 1 in, 20 ga, 125 Staple
Our Price: $219.99

High visibility tongue engagement for faster installation and non-marring profile tips to prevent floor scratches. Adjustable knobs allow for tool-free adjustment from 1/4"-1/2" flooring, oil free operation requires no regular maintenance, swivel air fitting with internal filter improves maneuverability and ultra quiet rear exhaust directs air away from the user. Specs: capacity 125, 122 in-lbs. driving power , fastener info Crown Length 1", gauge 20, weighs 2.9 lbs. more info
Senco 820103N Wire Stapler
Senco 820103N Ultra Light Wire Stapler, 1-1/2 in, 18 ga, 168 Staple
Our Price: $219.99

Lightweight, ergonomic design with a comfort-grip handle. Adjustable depth-of-drive and aluminum sleeve and piston. No-mar pad. Oil-free design means easier maintenance and no lubrication. Muffler ensures quiet operation Specs: 70 to 120 PSIG; 9" H x 12" L. Tool weight: 2.7 lb.; Staple Capacity: 145 to 168. Fastener Specifications: Drives 18 GA, 1/4" & 3/8" Crown, 3/8" to 1-1/2", Senco L Series Staples. more info
Senco 7B0001N Heavy Wire Pneumatic Construction Stapler
Senco 7B0001N Heavy Wire Pneumatic Construction Stapler, 2 in, 17 - 16 ga, 160 Staple
Our Price: $219.99

2" 7/16" crown. Innovative magazine removal mechanism maintains a clean, narrow line of sight for precise staple placement. Well balanced, ergonomic design for all day use. 1" lip length allows access into tight corners. Durable all-metal magazine construction. Precision machined drive tank ensures accurate, jam free staple drives. Adjustable depth of drive and belt. more info
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