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Senco PC1195 Mini Hand Nailer
Senco PC1195 Mini Hand Nailer, 2 - 3-1/2 in, 60 - 110 psi
Our Price: $42.99

Powerful enough to drive bulk nails into joist hangers, hurricane straps, fencing or decking. Fifty percent lighter than traditional palm nailers and is ideal for exceptionally tight spots. Specifications; Reg. Operating Pressure: 60-110 psi (4.-7.6 bar). Air Consumption: 2 - 4 scfm. Length: 2 3/4" (69.9 mm); Width: 2" (55.6 mm). Fastener Specifications: Drives 2" - 3-1/2", 6d to 16d Bulk Nails. Includes Wrench. Tool Oil Required. Aluminum Housing & Rear Exhaust. more info
Stanley PN50 Mini Impact Nailer
Stanley PN50 Mini Impact Nailer, 1 Nails Finish, Framing and Timber Nail, 70 - 120 psi
Our Price: $49.99

Rubber grip designed to insulate and reduce vibration; 360 degree swivel air fitting for maximum accessibility. Front exhaust directs air away from users palm. Fastener Specifications: Drives Most Common Bulk Finish, Framing & Timber Nails. more info
Senco PC0781 Hand Nailer
Senco PC0781 Hand Nailer, 2 - 3-1/2 in Full Round Bulk Nail, 50 - 125 psi
Our Price: $79.99

Fits in the palm of the hand, making it ideal for joust hangers, metal straps and pole barn assembly. Leather grip with soft rubber palm pad reduces fatigue. Magnetic nail guide for faster and easier driving. Specifications: 50 - 125 psi (3.5-8.4 bar). Height: 5.8"; Weight: 2.4 lb. Fastener Specifications: Drives Bulk Nails from 5d to 70d. Includes Leather grip. more info
Stanley PN100K Air Impact Nailer Kit
Stanley PN100K Air Impact Nailer Kit, 5D - 70D Standard, Finish, Large Nail, 70 - 100 psi
Our Price: $99.99

Ideal for framing or remodeling; drives common bulk nails in confined areas and nails metal connectors or joist hangars. Magnetic nose with recessed nail slot holds nails stable for accurate fastener placement. Hardened steel nose. Specs: 70 to 100 PSI;  1/4" NPT; Height: 5-1/4"; Length: 4-1/8" ; Width: -1/2";  Weight: 2.9 lbs. Includes: Impact Nailer with Standard Nose; Finish Nail Nose; Large Bore Nose; Leather Comfort Glove; Nose Wrench; Hex Wrench; Tool Lubricant and Spare O-Rings. more info